Abasto Corporation

In 1992, with 9 years of experience in Mexico and having built 4 Produce Terminal Markets, Abasto Corporation launches its first project in the U.S, the McAllen Produce Terminal Market. After this  successful project, we’ve developed other commercial warehouse complexes  totalling more than 800 commercial warehouses  equivalent to almost 2 million square feet of warehouse space and becoming the leaders of the industry  in south Texas. 


McAllen Produce Terminal Market

McAllen Produce Terminal Market is the only facility in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas that offers warehouse space in modules from 1,400 ft2 to 20,000 ft2 and 90 day leasing contracts. Our clients operate different lines of business, with 80% of them specializing in fresh fruits and vegetables.

The synergies and wide variety of products offered by our tenants has consolidated the Produce Terminal as a main point  of purchase for distributors and retailers from the largest cities in Texas and all across central and eastern United States.