About Us

Abasto Corporation
In 1992, with 9 years of experience in Mexico and having built 4 Produce Terminal Markets, Abasto Mexico launches its first project in the U.S, the McAllen Produce Terminal Market of Texas, and so Abasto Corporation was born. After this great successful project, we’ve developed other commercial warehouse complexes like Extension 23rd and The Warehouse Kingdom, summing a total of eight hundred commercial warehouses which are equivalent to almost 2 million ft2 already built, turning our company into the leader of leasing and selling warehouses sizes 1,400 to 20,000 ft2 in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Our most recent project in McAllen, named The Warehouse Kingdom, offers 62 warehouses, each 5,000 ft2 in size, a total of 306,000 ft2 in recent operation and a second phase for larger warehouses up to 150,000 ft2 which we will build-to-suit our clients.

McAllen Produce Terminal Market
McAllen Produce Terminal Market is the only company in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas which offers service in modules from 1,400 ft2 to 20,000 ft2 in leasing contracts from 90 days and other terms. We currently have renters who export to Mexico as well as to the north of the U.S. In the McAllen Produce Terminal Market, our clients operate different lines of business, with an accentuated tendency of 80% specializing in perishables like fruits and vegetables, while the remaining 20% in other lines of business such as textiles, electronics, and custom agencies. However, in The Warehouse Kingdom the opposite occurs, with the majority of the businesses focusing on non-perishables like textiles and only 20% on perishables.

Together with our clients and tenants, we have consolidated a high flow of loyal buyers from prestigious companies originating from cities such as Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Laredo, Raymondville, Corpus Christi, Brownsville and Harlingen.

Other businesses in the Terminal Market have benefited from this flow of buyers by establishing commercial relationships with these same companies, distinguishing the McAllen Produce Terminal Market as the “optimum location” for business who wish to increase their sales. Our objective, at Abasto Corporation, is to repeat this successful scenario in The Warehouse Kingdom and all of our projects, acknowledging that the success of our clients is also our success.