Warehousing Solutions With an International Reach

Warehousing Solutions With an International Reach

McAllen Produce Terminal Market- or the Central de Abastos, as it is also known, is a 42-acre project on McAllen’s south side that is home to move than 90- business that import and export merchandise, mostly fruits and vegetables from the United States and Mexico.

The McAllen Produce Terminal Market’s five building included about 294,000 square feet of warehouse space. About 200 trucks a day pass through the terminal gates to pick up or drop off perishable goods.

We are located at the largest port of entry in the Southeastern United States for all types of fruit, vegetables, produce and foodstuffs from Mexico, McAllen Produce Terminal Market is fast becoming an irreplaceable link in the international produce scene.

Looking for ample warehouse space equipped with the latest technology to store your produce? Need to buy direct from Mexican growers? Want to sell to the big wholesalers in Mexico? McAllen Produce Terminal Market is your answer.

  • List of growers and suppliers
  • Safe, continuous loads
  • Quality inspections at the terminal
  • A wide selection of produce and food products
  • Rock-bottom prices from direct suppliers
  • Front-door access to Mexico’s markets
  • Information on all Mexican Terminal Markets & potential leads